2018 Tech Tip #5 -

Tech Tip #5 - Albert.ioWhat is it?

Last year I was searching for resources to help prepare my AP Computer Science Principles students for the exam in May. was recommended from one of the AP CSP teacher groups so I gave it a go. It is an incredible test prep tool. It is full of multiple choice and free response questions that the teacher can put into assignments. My favorite parts are that you can get excellent insights on where students are individually and overall struggling and that students can see an explanation, not just a correct answer for each problem. I am confident that helped my scores and it has now caught on to all our AP teachers!

How do I get started?

Go to and sign up as a Teacher. I love that I can get sign in with Google. There is a fee to use Albert (that we found to be very reasonable), but you can explore some of the content to see how you like it.Once you've worked with the awesome team at Albert to set up your school account, you…

2018 Tech Tip #4 - Flipgrid

Tech Tip #4 - FlipgridWhat is it?

Flipgrid is one of my favorite apps that I have discovered over the last couple years. It is identified as a video sharing platform that creates opportunities to empower student voice and hear from every student in your classroom. By far, my favorite thing about Flipgrid is the community it has created. I am proud to be an ambassador and have learned so much from Charlie, Joey, Adam, Jornea, and the rest of the team at Flipgrid.

How do I get started?

Download the Flipgrid app on mobile or go to Create an Educator account (which is FREE!) and get started. You'll want to create a Grid and then a Topic within that Grid about what you'd like your students to discuss. (One of my favorites is to teach my students what an "Elevator Speech" is and have them learn to introduce themselves and a little about themselves)Share the Grid code with your students and you are good to go! Here's the best part... if you have questions, …

2018 Tech Tip #3 - Clips

Tech Tip #3 - ClipsWhat is it?

Clips is by far my favorite video creation app. Let me tell you, Apple really got it right with this one. It's so easy to use to add text, filters, stickers, and music. My students take to it immediately because it has a social media feel to it. Clips makes it super easy to create professional products in seconds and it is such a great way to help students learn about how to tell a story.

How do I get started?

Download the Clips app for FREE on your iOS device. Click "Create New" to get started. Add posters, videos, or photos to get started and hold down the pink button to record. Add your voice with the live titles feature and spice up your video with the stickers and labels options. Click the music note (top right) to add a sound track and then export your finished product. You're done! It's that easy. 

2018 Tech Tip #2 - Google Photos

Tech Tip #2 - Google PhotosWhat is it?

If you're like me, you're constantly photo documenting in your classroom. It helps me to remember what activities looked like, have media when we are putting together presentations, and it's fun to save those memories. If I wasn't using Google Photos, I would be totally out of space on my phone and iPad. As a Google for Education user, I use Google Photos to backup my school iPad so that all my school related media is catalogued together and it's Free! and Unlimited!

How do I get started?

Download the Google Photos app on the mobile device you use to take pictures (YES it works on both iOS and Android)Log in with your Google accountIn "Settings" turn on "Back Up and Sync" and you are good to go! You can now go to and you will be able to access high quality back ups of all your pictures for free!

2018 Tech Tip #1 - Canva

As the holidays approached, I wanted to do something a little different on the blog. At this time of year, it feels that everyone is a little short on time (myself included). We are trying to fit in shopping, family time, cookie baking, and hopefully still a little shut eye each night. As we approach Christmas break (only 9 and a half days, but who's counting...) I'll be sharing 10 tech tips to help us close out 2018!
Tech Tip #1 - CanvaWhat is it?

Canva has easily become one of my favorite tools because it is so easy to use and makes beautiful products! Canva is a digital design tool that lets you create logos, flyers, and more. I have used it to design stickers, posters, and update branding for one of my professional organizations. It's student friendly, works on computers and runs in an app form on mobile devices.

How do I get started?

Go to I love that I can login with Google and don't have to make another account. Click "Create a Design&…

St. E 12 Days of Twitter

Looking for a way to motivate yourself and learn from build a network of educators to share ideas with? Join us for the #12daysoftwitter challenge.

Step 1- Create a public Twitter account.

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What is hard? Yes. What it worth it? Definitely. [Teaching Grit]

As a classroom teacher, I do my best to teach life-skills in addition to content. I know that not all of my students will go on to be future chemists and computer scientists, but I know that they will all need to know how to work well with others, think critically, and apply creative problem solving. There are some life-skills that seem to lend themselves to being taught through extra-curricular activities, rather than class. Angela Duckworth discusses this concept in her book as well.

This weekend I traveled with my colleague and 7 students to Boston to attend Harvard's Mock Trial Seminar for high school students. Throughout the weekend, I observed my students learning life lessons that aren't necessarily taught during the school day.

Teamwork & Leadership
Over the weekend, the students prepared a mock trial case in 48 hours that we normally would have prepared over 3 months. To make this possible, they had to work together effectively. The students came into the seminar w…