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Are you excited to go back to school?!?!

First, a disclaimer...
Many and maybe even most things I blog about will relate to technology because I think it is important and I am passionate about it, however I am first and foremost passionate about teaching students. That passion is what inspired today's post.

"Are you excited to go back to school?" If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that over the years, my classroom would be gold plated. To answer simply, yes. Am I excited to start waking up before 6am again, to walk my dog in the dark each morning, and to edit my syllabus? To answer truthfully, no, none of those things excite. I did not become a teacher because I love mornings. I regularly joke with my husband that I picked the wrong job based on when I like to sleep.

I am excited to go back to school because I love my students. I love that they will come in on the first day and tell me about the internships, vacations, and experiences they had this summer. I love that my seniors will be motivated…

Preparing for Day 1 Digitally

As I prepare to return for a new school year, I am flooded with ideas and excitement. I need to decorate my classroom, prepare my syllabi, and decide what I am making for lunch the first week. I know these thoughts resonate with many other teachers. In two weeks I will have a room full of 21st century learners and as a 21st century teacher, more than my classroom walls and syllabi need to be ready for them.

I am decorating a physical bulletin board in my classroom, but I am also building a digital bulletin board on my course page. Each of my classes will have access to online materials through a learning management system (LMS). I want my classroom to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, collaborative, and safe for my students. I want all same things out of the digital learning space that I will provide my students.

Here are a couple of things that I do to ensure my digital learning space is as welcoming and engaging as my physical classroom:

Colorful -  Each of my classes is theme…