Are you excited to go back to school?!?!

First, a disclaimer...
Many and maybe even most things I blog about will relate to technology because I think it is important and I am passionate about it, however I am first and foremost passionate about teaching students. That passion is what inspired today's post.

"Are you excited to go back to school?" If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that over the years, my classroom would be gold plated. To answer simply, yes. Am I excited to start waking up before 6am again, to walk my dog in the dark each morning, and to edit my syllabus? To answer truthfully, no, none of those things excite. I did not become a teacher because I love mornings. I regularly joke with my husband that I picked the wrong job based on when I like to sleep.

I am excited to go back to school because I love my students. I love that they will come in on the first day and tell me about the internships, vacations, and experiences they had this summer. I love that my seniors will be motivated by what their near future holds. I love that I have the ability to decorate my classroom and move my furnishings in a way that will make my students feel comfortable and safe.

I also love going back to school because I look forward to seeing my colleagues that have become my work family. Each year brings change and sometimes that change includes some of our most familiar and favorite faces moving on to new adventures. Change is good. Change is what keeps us on the edge of our seats, working towards the next challenge.

So while this year is bringing some changes, I am ready to embrace them (and I hope you are too!). I would also encourage you to be excited as we return to school. Going back to school means going back to our work families, our students, our routines, and our communities. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!


  1. Yes every student is exicted to go school.,,Information is very informative also you get same from, this is the great resource to get such type of information about university education.

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  3. Yes, I want to go to school again, cause the student life is very awesome, it never comes back. A student must be active all the time without any burden. I am very appreciated with this blog. I will always stay caring for my kids when they will start going to school.
    - Brandon Steven


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