Preparing for Day 1 Digitally

As I prepare to return for a new school year, I am flooded with ideas and excitement. I need to decorate my classroom, prepare my syllabi, and decide what I am making for lunch the first week. I know these thoughts resonate with many other teachers. In two weeks I will have a room full of 21st century learners and as a 21st century teacher, more than my classroom walls and syllabi need to be ready for them.

I am decorating a physical bulletin board in my classroom, but I am also building a digital bulletin board on my course page. Each of my classes will have access to online materials through a learning management system (LMS). I want my classroom to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, collaborative, and safe for my students. I want all same things out of the digital learning space that I will provide my students.

Here are a couple of things that I do to ensure my digital learning space is as welcoming and engaging as my physical classroom:

Colorful -  Each of my classes is themed with a color. All of the folders and pictures on my page correspond to this color. Students like having something other than a section number to identify with. The bright colors also help give life to page.

Consistent -  I want all my parents and students to be able to navigate the information and resources easily. I have topics for each of the units we cover and I organize the information consistently across all of them.

Comprehensive - My course pages contains a lot of information! If students navigate thoroughly, they should be able to find everything they need. If they are missing information regularly, they are going to be less likely to check the pages regularly.

Best of luck to all you fellow teachers as you prepare your physical and digital spaces to welcome your students in the days ahead!


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  2. So excited that my freshman son will be lucky enough to benefit from your energy and enthusiasm! Wishing you a wonderful school year!
    Donna Chakar (Greg- SEHS c/o 2021)


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