Digital Labs using Sheets and Docs

I am so excited to be going digital with my lab books this year. Despite being a "techy teacher", I have always had my students keep a graph paper composition notebook for labs in chemistry.

Provide Lab as a Google Doc Copy
For this lab, my students were provided with a lab handout as a Google Doc that would force them to make a copy. This was done by sharing the link to the doc and changing the word "edit" to "copy". It was my first time doing it and it worked like a charm!

Students Record Data in Doc
Students then used their copy to write their purpose, answer their pre-lab questions, and record their dat while working in lab. My students all have an iPad, so that is the device they were working on.

Create a Class Data Table in Sheets
In a shared folder with my class, I created a class data sheet. Each group typed their data into the sheet and we ended up with a beautiful collaborative data table.

Create Individual Data Tables in Sheets
I wanted each student to practice graphing the data, so I had them copy the class data into a new sheet. This was our first time graphing, so even though all the graphs look the same the goal was to learn the process.

Graph in Sheets (on computers)
At this point, we had reached the limit of what I had my students do on their iPads. Can you graph in Sheets on iPad? YES, but you cannot insert trend lines and get the linear regression equation of the line. Google has made some marvelous improvements to Sheets on iPad. I would highly recommend checking it out! We created Scatter Plots and inserted trend lines. We used the equation from the linear regression to get the density of our substance.

Insert Graph into Docs
Google got this one right! You simply select "Insert" once you are inside your lab Doc and choose "From Sheets". It inserts a linked graph, which means if you update your graph in Sheets, it will auto update in Docs. How cool is that?!

Here is a sample of the finished product:


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