Embedding Google Forms is my favorite!

For the last several years I have maintained a Google Site that functioned as a content storage system for my classes. At the time, my school was working with an older learning management system (LMS) that could not support the size of the files and videos I was trying to post for my students. While working with my Google Site, I learned how to embed items into a webpage. I made a Google Form to serve as a "Contact Me" page and embedded it into a page of the site.

Fast forward 4 years... We are now using Blackbaud's onCampus as our LMS and I am transferring my content to my pages there. (More to come on using onCampus in a future post.) Last year was our first year with this system and I continued to run my Google Site side by side with my course page. This year, I am all in on onCampus! I am setting up pages for each of my classes and will continue to provide a user friendly way for my students to access their content.

This week, I embedded my first form into my onCampus Bulletin Board. I was looking for a way to have students log out when they leave the room (to go to the bathroom, nurse, etc) and I wanted to do it electronically. I created a form with all the information I needed.

After creating the form, I chose the "Send" option found in the top right corner to access the HTML code needed to embed the item. Once there, I copied the entire code. 
I then went to my onCampus Bulletin Board and added an embedded item. This can also be done on Google Sites and other content management services. I pasted the code in the space where it asked for the HTML of the embedded item. 
Now, I am able to use the Google Sheet my students create by filling out the form. This helps me as a teacher to see if a student is frequently leaving around the same time or if an administrator is trying to place where a student was. 
Forms are one of my favorite Google tools! The finished embedded product is below. Best of luck in your embedding adventures! 


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