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Making Screen Recordings with QuickTime on Mac

I am so excited to share how to create a screen recording in QuickTime on your Mac in just a few easy steps AND include a screen casted tutorial on what to do!

1. Open the site or application you want to screen record.

2. Open QuickTime.

3. Go to File  > New Screen Recording.

4.  A new control bar will appear. Select the red circle to begin recording.

5. You will see a pop-up telling you to click to record your entire screen or drag a box around the portion of your screen you want to record.

6. You can now scroll, click, and navigate while you voice over.

7. To end your recording, there is a stop button located on the top right of your main toolbar. The stop button is a square inside a circle. The recorded video will then open so you can view it.

Happy screencasting!

5 Reasons to use Twitter to Build Your PLN

I started using Twitter to connect with other educators and build my Personal Learning Network (PLN) because a colleague of mine kept talking about how she was learning and connecting with other educators. She got me to Twitter, but here's why I stayed...

Cheer on your awesome moments- It's fun to share the awesome things that you are doing with other educators around the world and get feedback from them. Other educators can learn from what you are doing and it gives you a chance to celebrate your success!Send out an SOS when you need advice- Sometimes teaching can be very lonely, despite how many kids are in our classrooms. It is easy to feel like the only one in using a particular method or activity. Having a network beyond your brick and mortar building allows you to reach out to other educators for assistance when you don't know who to ask.Stay in touch after conferences- I love traveling for conferences and have met some really cool people along the way. When I attend…