Making Screen Recordings with QuickTime on Mac

I am so excited to share how to create a screen recording in QuickTime on your Mac in just a few easy steps AND include a screen casted tutorial on what to do!

1. Open the site or application you want to screen record.

2. Open QuickTime.

3. Go to File  > New Screen Recording.

4.  A new control bar will appear. Select the red circle to begin recording.

5. You will see a pop-up telling you to click to record your entire screen or drag a box around the portion of your screen you want to record.

6. You can now scroll, click, and navigate while you voice over.

7. To end your recording, there is a stop button located on the top right of your main toolbar. The stop button is a square inside a circle. The recorded video will then open so you can view it.

Happy screencasting!


  1. You can also use this same technique for screen sharing during Hangouts. After step 3, you don't need to record with Quicktime, just share the screen during the hangout.

    1. Trevor,

      Thanks for sharing your insight! Hangout is another incredible tool.


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