Why I'm Flipping Out Over FLIPGRID 🎥

If you are an active Twitter educator, you have probably seen something about FlipGrid or #FlipGridFever over the last few months. I saw the hype start to grow over the summer, but did not know what it was about. I tried it. I loved it. I caught FlipGrid Fever! I have now integrated this diverse tool into my classes and have worked to become a Level 1 and 2 FlipGrid Certified Educator.

What is it?
FlipGrid describes itself as a "social learning" platform. It is a sharing platform for short videos, feedback, and reactions. Users can respond to each other's videos with emojis and comments. It is multi-platform, meaning it will work on just about any device your students might have. They can upload videos of themselves speaking, short movies they have created using iMovie, or screencasts of themselves explaining a topic.

Why the hype?
FlipGrid is different than other tools available right now. Students and teachers alike are able to share ideas through video. Video recording capability is now native to every phone, tablet, and computer being produced, which means that anyone can use FlipGrid! It is free and very user friendly. The teacher makes an account and shares the grid URL to the students. They can then add videos. It is truly that simple. 

Should you start using it?
YES! If you have not already, go make your free account and give your students a voice! Not every student is comfortable or confident to speak in front of their peers. This is a great way for them to let their voice be heard and get positive feedback from their teacher and classmates without feeling uncomfortable. 

My favorite aspects of FlipGrid?
I am so glad you asked! Here are my top three:
(1) Students can respond to each others' videos with only positive emojis
(2) I (the teacher) can easily share a grid of videos to parents to give them a window into the class
(3) My students can become more confident discussing the content 

Your turn now! Please share how you are using FlipGrid on Twitter with #FlipGridFever!

Here are a few resources to get you started:
- FlipGrid Webinar Grid (PS- check out my video on the High School Topic)
- Connect on Twitter to share best practices and innovative ideas


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