Wow! My reaction to Dual School's Discovery Day

Last night I attended Dual School's Discovery Day and I was blown away by what I saw and heard. Dual School is a 10 week program where high school students identify a problem they are passionate about and work to implement a solution. Students are paired with mentors and connected to professionals in their field. The event that I attended last night is the culmination of lots of hard work. The students prepared 10 minute talks, artistic displays that represented their process and project, business cards, demonstrative materials, and more.

Simply put, this event and this program are awesome. I was impressed by several different aspects.

1. Despite not knowing any of the students, it was evident in how they talked about their projects and the process that they undertook, that they had each learned an incredible amount. They did not solely learn about their projects however, they learned a great deal about themselves and several important life skills, such as networking and rapid prototyping.

2. Students stepped outside of their comfort zones. Some students spoke about trying new things, trying to recruit participants in events they were piloting, or simply explained that this experience taught them to work with others when they normally choose to work alone.

3. The participants were not just presenting to their parents and classmates last night. They were sharing with major movers and shakers of their community. It was so impressive to see their confidence and poise, despite the audience.

I am now hoping to have my students involved either in the Spring cohort or next Fall's, but either way I will be attending the next Discovery Day and I look forward to seeing what the next group of students have to share.


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