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Using Tech Outside of the Classroom

Like many of you I'm sure, I wear several hats at my school. One of these is that I (along with my awesome colleague) coach our mock trial team. This is one of my favorite hats because it gives me a chance to really get to know my students outside of the classroom. It is also why I haven't blogged in awhile as we are in the final parts of the season.

Just like we need our students to be able to read books that are not assigned for school, exercise when they are not in gym class, and do math outside of the building, we need them to understand how to effectively use technology to make their lives easier. This skill, like all the others, is not a stand alone. Technology is most effective when it helps us be more efficient and do things we didn't used to be able to do.

Example - Mock Trial
As a mock trial coach, before going 1:1, we would print out the 80 page case packet for each student. They would keep a folder of the questions and other things they were working on. At the e…