My Top 3 Ways to Take Advantage of Cyber Days ❄

I'm not sure what part of the country you live in, but I live in a part where it snows. Growing up in New England, we missed a lot of school. We had days where it was snowing, days when everything had iced over, and days when pipes froze. All these days required us to have "snow days". This was all before the age of 1:1 technology in schools.

Things have changed. Instead of snow days, we now have cyber days.
Here are my top 3 ways to take advantage of cyber days!

#1- Have a plan. Make sure your students know how you will be communicating with them. Should they expect an email? Will you post an assignment on your LMS? Will it be posted on Google Classroom? Make sure you have established a plan with your students (and guardians) before the first flake falls.

#2- Use discussions. Find a way to be available to communicate with your students. Initially I held "email office hours" and told students I would be available between certain times to answer their questions. I have transitioned to posting a discussion post using my LMS. When students have questions and I respond, the whole class can see my explanation. Students also don't have to wait for an answer to an email if I have already answered that question for someone else. Lastly, students can help each other by responding to each other's questions.

#3- Make videos. If you have never tried a flipped lesson, this is a great time to try one! Make a short 5-10 minute video explaining the topic or content you want the students to focus on. Sometimes I do example problems and other times I do a mini lecture. Future post to come on creating flipped lessons. One of my favorite ways to use videos during a cyber day is to make a video answering students' questions.

I am praying that Spring comes soon and we are greeted by fresh flowers soon instead of frosted windshields. In the meantime, plan ahead and get ready for your next cyber day!


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