Find Your Teacher Tribe

When I started teaching, I started building my tribe. My tribe is the group of teachers that builds me up when things start to fall down, who inspire me to be a better teacher and a better person, and who are always there day in and day out.

Six years in, these are a few of the "go-to" people in my tribe. I cannot fit them all in one blog post, so stay tuned for the second installment of my teacher tribe. 

The one you met on day one - She is the one you met at orientation for your new school or first day teaching. She is motivated and passionate, just like you and she cheerleads for all your new ideas as you do for hers. She is a crucial member of your tribe because she started it. She's your first teacher friend.

The one who motivates you - She might not be at your school or in your grade level, but she is always willing to try new things because she loves her students and she loves learning. She steps out of her comfort zone to take on new challenges and she encourages you to do the same. If you're really lucky, she's been doing so since you student taught.

The one who inspires you to be better - She leads by example to the max. She takes on new projects, develops creative ideas, tries them out, and helps you to try new things too. She's the kind of person you can tell is meant to be a leader and leaves very big shoes to fill when she moves on. Near or far, her example inspires you to take on new responsibility and dip your toes in the waters of leadership.

The one who is your mentor - She is critical to your development as a teacher and as a person. Her leadership and mentorship have provided you with opportunities and helped you to build up your strengths while improving your weaknesses. Her guidance not only helps guide you week by week, but helps you to find your direction and niche as a teacher. She is irreplaceable.

The one who makes sure your stuff works - He is so much more than the "tech guy". His careful planning, depth of knowledge, and endless patience help you to increase your expertise and confidence on a daily basis. You can count on him to be a sounding board when you are talking about implementation for just about anything.

PS- You'll notice I have specific "he's" and "she's" in mine. This is because for me, all these people have names and are a crucial part of not only my tribe, but my life. Who is in your tribe?

I challenge you to surround yourself with the kind of people that will help you flourish!


  1. Hello Kamas,

    You are so right!
    I am reading a book, "The Element" by Ken Robinson at the moment. And this same concept is mentioned in the book ~ "Finding your tribe". All the roles you mentioned are so vital. They influence us, boost us, hold us accountable.

    In my "to-go-toolbox" I have mentors and confidants!

    1. Those are super important tribe members! I will have to look into those books. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I struggle to find my own tribe now that I am working out of the district office instead of in a school building. I really miss my teacher tribe from my classroom days and am trying to recreate that tribe digitally, but it just doesn't have the same feel. I have found some of these roles in my digital tribe, but it is kind of a one-way street since it is more me "fan-girling" over my favorite edtech personalities than having actual discussions with them.

    1. I completely understand. I love my tribe, but they are not all in my building. It is really nice when we are able to have some of those people face to face to celebrate and brainstorm with! Hopefully you can add some new faces to your tribe soon!


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