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Measuring Success- Anecdotes from Teaching AP Computer Science

This year, I was able to teach our first class of AP Computer Science Principles. It was some of the most fun I have had teaching, though that is not to say it didn't have it's challenges. It was challenging to have days without internet when we were programming on a cloud based platform. It was challenging to have 5 snow days in the months before the AP exam. It was challenging to have Prom on the Friday before digital portfolios were due.

When I started this course, I was thrilled to have almost 30% of the senior class enrolled. This year it was all seniors. They were excited for something new, and from the beginning identified that CS would be important in their futures somehow. I had them take a survey on the first day to get a baseline. I tried to get them to take the survey again on the last day, but anyone who teaches second semester seniors knows I didn't get a response from all of them.

Since my survey data is a little lacking, I would like to share with you a few…