Show Don't Tell - 3 Reasons for Student Study Abroad

It is no secret that I have been pretty terrible at weekly blogging during this school year. Rather than share my laundry list of excuses, I'm going to own it. Sometimes balancing all your passions is hard, but I'm determined to get better.

When we want to see results from our students, we frequently use the phrase "show don't tell". It is especially common to hear this from ELA teachers when students are working on writing pieces. We want them to show the reader rather than just tell the reader. I am going to take the same piece of advice. Rather than tell you I'm back, I'll show you! You can expect weekly posts coming at you each Monday morning to help you start your week. Get ready, because I have some exciting new content ready to share with you all as I kick off this second phase of my blogging journey.

"Show don't tell" makes me think about why Study Abroad programs are such amazing opportunities for our students. I have been lucky enough to travel with students domestically and internationally and now co-run our Spring Break Study Abroad program. So what makes learning abroad different?

1. Students are engaged in a whole new way! If you have the choice to show students Big Ben instead of tell students about Big Ben, isn't it an easy decision?

2. Students are learning the intangibles. It is hard to put into words the experience of learning a new culture, becoming acquainted with unfamiliar food, and communicating in an unfamiliar country. These experiences are priceless for students and give them a confidence that they did not know they could have.

3. Students get out of their own. They are able to see that there is more than their corner of the world, which helps them understand other points of view and the importance of respecting and understanding other cultures.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend coordinating a Study Abroad program. It is rewarding as an educator and empowering for your students. We have partnered with EF Tours for our program and I would highly recommend them!

Happy Travels!


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