2018 Tech Tip #4 - Flipgrid

Tech Tip #4 - Flipgrid

What is it?

Flipgrid is one of my favorite apps that I have discovered over the last couple years. It is identified as a video sharing platform that creates opportunities to empower student voice and hear from every student in your classroom. By far, my favorite thing about Flipgrid is the community it has created. I am proud to be an ambassador and have learned so much from Charlie, Joey, Adam, Jornea, and the rest of the team at Flipgrid.

How do I get started?

  1. Download the Flipgrid app on mobile or go to Flipgrid.com. 
  2. Create an Educator account (which is FREE!) and get started. 
  3. You'll want to create a Grid and then a Topic within that Grid about what you'd like your students to discuss. (One of my favorites is to teach my students what an "Elevator Speech" is and have them learn to introduce themselves and a little about themselves)
  4. Share the Grid code with your students and you are good to go! 
  5. Here's the best part... if you have questions, search #FlipgridFever or Tweet @Flipgrid and they'll get back to you in a flash! 


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