2018 Tech Tip #5 - Albert.io

Tech Tip #5 - Albert.io

What is it?

Last year I was searching for resources to help prepare my AP Computer Science Principles students for the exam in May. Albert.io was recommended from one of the AP CSP teacher groups so I gave it a go. It is an incredible test prep tool. It is full of multiple choice and free response questions that the teacher can put into assignments. My favorite parts are that you can get excellent insights on where students are individually and overall struggling and that students can see an explanation, not just a correct answer for each problem. I am confident that Albert.io helped my scores and it has now caught on to all our AP teachers!

How do I get started?

  1. Go to Albert.io and sign up as a Teacher. I love that I can get sign in with Google. 
  2. There is a fee to use Albert (that we found to be very reasonable), but you can explore some of the content to see how you like it.
  3. Once you've worked with the awesome team at Albert to set up your school account, you'll have access to their incredible support team.
  4. Start by creating Templates and adding questions for an individual chunk of content. (I like to do them as quiz prep).
  5. Assign the Template to students as an Assignment and start checking out the results. 


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