2018 Tech Tip #9- Google Sheets

Tech Tip #9 - Google Sheets

What is it?

Sheets is one of Google's many collaborative productivity tools, but it is for spreadsheets. Maybe it's because I am in the sciences, but spreadsheets have always been a personal favorite of mine. I love using Sheets to organize data, make data visualizations, create digital sign-in sheets and more. It is easy to use and like the rest of Google's suite, collaboration is at the core. 

How do I get started?

  1. On a mobile device? Download the Sheets app. On a Chromebook/Mac/PC? Go to sheets.google.com 
  2. Create a new Sheet using the plus sign. 
  3. Give your Sheet a name and you can get started. There are some additional graphing features that work more effectively when you are not on a mobile device, but overall it is very robust. 
  4. Tip - Start by using it to organize data. Once you get comfortable with that, dive into the advanced features. 
  5. If you are a Docs user, try adding your Sheet into your doc rather than making a chart in Docs.  


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