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Hats off to 2018, Setting Goals for 2019

Hopefully over the last year or so as a reader, you've come to see how important reflection is to me. You've also probably realized how much I like a good list, so as 2018 comes to a close I want to reflect on some of the top lessons I've learned and set a few goals for 2019. I would encourage you to do the same. There is so much research that supports reflection and goal setting as important aspects of growth and learning. 

Peace Out 2018 ✌️
2018 brought some incredible experiences, but these are the top of the list.

  1. We bought a house! My husband and I become homeowners in May of this year. Our home has been filled with moments full of stress like unpacking, but mostly many moments full of love like our first holiday season in our new home. I am already looking forward to our first of many full years here. 
  2. I presented at ISTE! When I got accepted to present at ISTE last December, I squealed in excitement in the hallway at school. When I got to Chicago and was about to present, I thought I was going to be sick I was so nervous. It is such a powerful experience to take a risk (like applying to present at a huge conference and then doing it). I am proud of myself for doing it and grateful to have an incredible squad supporting me. 
  3. I became a Tech Coach! I set my goal to be able to support teachers in my school through this role several years ago and I am thrilled to finally be able to do it. This first semester was a lot of learning what the role can be and shaping it into what can best support our school community. I am excited for what the coming semester will bring. 
Bring On 2019 💪
2019 is almost here and I am excited to work towards these goals!
  1. Bringing back #Delachat! I am excited to announce that I will be brining back #delachat as a slow chat for Delaware educators. We will run the first full week of each month with one question posed each week day. Our first chat will be January 7-11 and the topic will be Goal Setting! Spread the word and invite your fellow Delaware teacher friends to join!
  2. Make moves towards 6th degree black belt! Not every goal I have as a teacher is related to education. I try to make self-care a priority for myself and my students and one way I do that is by balancing myself out with taekwondo training and teaching a few times a week. Next year I am eligible to test for my 6th degree black belt (which is a big deal in the ATA taekwondo world) so this year I will be setting the goal to complete 2 successful midterms and continue to compete to help me stay strong!
  3. Be more flexible! This year I added a flexible seating area to my classroom. My goal is to make half of my classroom flexible seating by the end of the school year. Have recommendations on where to shop or how to get furniture donated? I'd love to hear them!
What are your reflections on 2018 and goals for 2019? I look forward to hearing them. Have a safe and happy new year! 


  1. Last year is awesome for me. Now, we set goals for 2019, my team work hard to achieve that goal. Define your goal to become a successful person. Thanks, for sharing this with QandA.


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