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Things Teachers Don't Learn in School - #1 Extracurriculars

As the title indicates, I am going to write a series of blog posts about the things you don't learn during your undergraduate education as an education major. Today's focus: extracurriculars. This is a topic I feel particularly passionate about and if you've read my other posts, you may have caught onto that, so here we go.

What do you mean you didn't learn that?
I mean that no one ever told me that coaching and overseeing extracurricular activities would be a huge part of my work life. No one ever told me that these experiences would change me as a teacher because they would help me to get to know my students as something other than students. No one taught me that there would be days that being a part of these things would be my favorite pat of my day. I was actually discouraged from taking on these things as a new teacher, but I have always liked to blaze my own trail. I know that taking on additional responsibilities as a new teacher can be daunting, and it is not fo…

Guest Post: Modeling in Blender (CG Cookie)

Modeling a Soda Can using Blender

Blender is an incredibly powerful 3D modeling tool and it can seem intimidating initially.
This article will help you create your first project in Blender so that you can see how incredibly fun it can be as well.

We don’t have the space for a comprehensive introduction to Blender here,
so for that you can watch thefree Blender Basics course on
If you haven’t downloaded Blender yet or need to update, you can find it
This article uses version 2.80.

Let’s get started!

To begin this project, delete everything in the default scene and create a mesh cylinder using the Add menu.

To make sure that it’s the proper size, switch the Units to Imperial in the Properties Editor scene tab and
change the Length to Inches. Open up the 3D View sidebar with the hotkey “N”, and then change the
dimensions to be 2.6, 2.6, and 4.83 for the X, Y, and Z values.

Switch into Edit Mode for the Cylinder, and add a loop cut with the hotkey Ctrl+R.