Tips for a Successful ISTE

With ISTE19 fast approaching, I have been asked a few times what my recommendations are to have a successful ISTE conference. Here are my top few tips:

1. Plan for what you want to learn - ISTE is way too big to think that you are going to go and learn everything there is to learn about technology in education. You will get more out of your experience if you focus on a couple of topics. This year I will be focusing on coaching and authentic learning experiences.

2. Don't just plan for sessions - As educators, we know some of the best learning takes place outside of the classroom and the same is true at ISTE. Take advantage of social events, informal meetups, and the expo hall. These are places tat you will be able to build your network and meet people with common interests and goals.

3. Arrive prepared - Of course you are going to bring your device, but don't forget to bring a refillable water bottle, snacks, a backpack with lots of room to bring freebies home, and good walking shoes. If you're like me, bring a sweater too. I'm yet to meet a convention center that I'm not cold in.

4. Tweet it out -  If you're not on Twitter, I would consider joining. At the beginning of practically every presentation, the presenters will share their handles with you. This is an incredible opportunity to build your PLN. By building a network of other innovative educators, you'll be able to keep the inspiration you feel at ISTE with you all school year long.

5. Don't try to do everything - I'll be the first to admit, it is hard to sit anything out, but you have to pace yourself. Do the expo hall in chunks, make sure to take time for meals, and be wary of evening events that can go so late that you won't make it to your early sessions the next morning. There is a fine line between not missing out and not burning out.

With that, I wish you the best ISTE yet. Where can you find me at ISTE? See you there!


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