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Takeaways from ADE Institute 2019

Let me rewind before I start sharing my takeaways. I have been in awe of the ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) community for as long as I have known about it. These remarkable educators share selflessly to better others. Knowing it was a long shot, I applied this year to be apart of this community. When I found out I had been accepted as part of the class of 2019, I was in complete shock. I actually handed my phone to my husband and made him read it to make sure I wasn't reading it incorrectly. So before I share my takeaways, let me just say how honored and humbled I am to be counted among some of the most innovative, caring, and passionate educators I have ever met.

To stay up to date on the work this incredible community is doing and to join the conversation, check out #AppleEduChat on Twitter.

Top 5 Takeaways - ADE Institute 2019

Surround yourself with innovative people. My biggest takeaway from institute wasn't an app or a project I planned to create, it was the relationshi…