Finding the Courage to Share Your Voice

On this chilly Sunday evening, I am reflecting on my last few months and am feeling like I have not been using the voice that I was blessed with. I have been a little absent from my blog and less active in my Twitter presence and I am ready to prioritize using my voice again to share best practices and continue to advocate for teachers and students.

Why am I feeling inspired tonight? I just watched the Ted Talk my sister in law gave on how she went from ordinary person to advocate. (The Ted Talk is available here and I highly suggest you take a 22 minute break from whatever you are doing to go watch it.) Andrea's talk demonstrates the power of using your voice and as an educator I feel passionately that part of my job is to help my students find and use their voice. I want to model this for my students by using my own voice.

As you may already know, I am a high school teacher. During the four years that my students are in my building, many of them begin to identify topics they feel strongly about, content that interests them, and careers they feel called to pursue. I am always impressed when students begin to take action on those passions. Some of my students have done this through their involvement in programs like Dual School where they learn to be change makers while others have gained the confidence to start their own organizations and non-profits.

The way I feel tonight after watching Andrea's Ted Talk is how I want to inspire my students to feel. I want them to know that they were blessed with a voice and it is their job to use it to change the world for the better. I want my students to know that persistence and passion will enable them to do things that they currently don't believe are possible. I want them to believe that they have the power to change the world through their actions and voice and I want them to be inspired to do so.

Thank you to Andrea for reigniting that fire within me and reminding me of the importance of using my voice to amplify student voices each and every day.


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