Sphero Workbooks

Over the last month, I have started to really delve into using Pages as I created lesson activity guides for Sphero to use with my high school students. I started by using lessons on https://edu.sphero.com/ and adapting them for my students. My favorite part of using Pages is that I can include placeholders for students to take notes, sketch plans, and submit media (images, videos) as evidence of learning.

The way I structured my unit was that I did the first three lessons (adapted) from the Blockly lessons on Sphero edu and then finished my unit with a cumulative design thinking project. The project required students to (1) sketch out a maze design, (2) measure and create their maze, (3) program the robot to successfully complete the maze, and (4) create a Clips video to demonstrate all the steps they had taken and the finished product.

I have to say, creating Pages workbooks is so much easier than I thought it would be! I am excited to continue to develop them and share them with you! I saved my workbook as a template so that I didn't have to recreate it each time. I am attaching my template as well as the final project workbook for you to try out. I used these workbooks with students in grades 9 and 12 and had great success! They are easily adaptable to other grade levels.

Maze Design Workbook

Sphero Workbook Template

Best of luck! Have fun!!


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